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Find Pure NZ Honey Online

Find Pure NZ Honey Online

Finding good quality honey can be difficult. You may have used all the varieties of brands that are available in the market but all of them taste the same. They are either too sweet or too bitter. Basically, they lack the taste of raw honey that you tasted way back in a bee farm. This is because the branded honey that you buy from the market are heated, pasteurised, and processed. It kills the majority of the nutrients that the honey would have had if it was served raw. That is why it is better to buy NZ honey online.

Tips to buy honey online

There will be lots of attractive offers on organic honey or branded honey but it will be best if you buy Manuka honey. These are available on Manuka Corner. They are derived from the bees that pollinate in the native Manuka bush. There is a distinct difference in the taste of Manuka honey and the ones you have tasted so far. It has that original feel because it does not go through the regular processing methods that most of the honey has to go through. You can buy the best NZ honey online from

Stay away from commercial honey

Commercial honey is absolute rubbish! They are pasteurised at more than 70 degrees Celsius followed by a rapid cooling process. This is done so that the honey can be filtered and bottled easily. That is why you will notice that the honey can be stored for a long time. It will not granulate after a few months. Raw honey, on the other hand, is not filtered or pasteurised. The NZ honey online that you get from Manuka Corner is in its purest form. They have a cloudier look compared to the commercial honey that looks smooth and cleaner and most importantly, appealing to people.

Compare the taste of farm honey with commercial honey

If you are searching for quality honey, you need to make a quick comparison. Take a spoon of commercial honey and a spoon of farm honey from Manuka Corner. Taste them and feel the difference between the two. Farm honey will be both sweet and bitter in taste. It means that the honey has not gone through any filtration process till now. On the other hand, when you taste commercial honey, you will feel that the taste is constant. It is thoroughly sweet. This is because of the fact that it has gone through several filters and processing methods.

Finding NZ honey online has become easier, especially after the introduction of Manuka Corner. You get quality honey that is not processed. So, you can expect it to taste a bit different. However, the health benefits that this honey has are more than what you can expect. Moreover, when you have got a source from where you can get raw manuka honey, it will be wise not to choose any other option. In fact, you will not want to use any other honey after you have used the manuka honey from Manuka Corner.